DMi Hits The Road

Chicago, Atlanta, and Miami are just three of the ten cities DMi will be visiting this month. To kick off the year members of the DMi team travel the nation to visit clients and make game plan for the upcoming year. To hit a goal… you must set it first! Reply All. Integration Call. Screen … Continue Reading »

Palm Up? Palm Out? Palm High!

Agency/Client relationships take different forms.  Do any of these sound familiar? Your agency approaches you with an open hand that is regularly asking for a raise. Your agency provides adequate services and end meetings with civil handshakes all around. Or does your agency consistently celebrating wins together with high-fives?   We hope your current agency … Continue Reading »

With a Passion for Service, the DMi Team Gives Back

Here at DMi we are passionate about several things including (but not limited to) digital marketing, the great city of Philadelphia, European League Soccer, a good meal and something that is near and dear to our hearts, community service. For the past four years we have translated our passion for community service into a company-wide … Continue Reading »