Consider an email acquisition campaign where you only pay for subscribers that open! If your brand is looking to grow your email database with new opt-ins before Q4, a Pay Per Opener campaign could provide the quality control to confidently acquire a high volume of new subscribers without diluting your database or damaging your email deliverability.

For many leading consumer brands, email marketing is a cornerstone strategy for sales growth around the holidays.  As a result, the same email acquisition scenario seems to happen every year: Brand A wants to significantly grow the email database heading into Q4 in time to capitalize on heightened consumer engagement and revenue from their email … Continue Reading »

Strategies to Drive Sales of Your Summer Markdowns Transition from Summer to Fall inventory with these Strategies

End of Summer Sale Strategies

  The arrival of fall brings with it a lot of baggage. Many are saddened by the end of summer, tormented by back to school madness, or elated by finally getting to break out their fall wardrobe with the arrival of #sweaterweather. Ecommerce retailers, however, may have an entirely different thought come to mind – … Continue Reading »

Our Thoughts on Magento 2.2.6 The latest release promises a plethora of upgrades, bug fixes, and security patches

Magento 2.2.6

On September 18th, Magento released its latest and greatest version of Magento – version 2.2.6. While this update is loaded with core code fixes (over 150) and community-submitted updates (over 350), the primary newsmakers in this update are the 25 critical security updates. Because of these updates (and the fact that these patches make the … Continue Reading »

How to Find the Right OPM Growing your Affiliate Program with an Outsourced Program Management Service

What Is an OPM?

What is an OPM? Affiliate OPMs help advertisers optimize and increase the output of their affiliate programs. Affiliate OPMs provide value by: Recruiting, contracting, and onboarding new publishers (affiliates) to help your brand gain more exposure Having premium relationships with publishers (affiliates) to ensure that your product is prioritized for placements and promotions Conducting compliance … Continue Reading »

Is Your First Party Data Actually Third Party Data? When it comes to your acquisition marketing campaigns, take a closer look.

Using third parties to acquire opt-in consumer data for your brands is a highly effective customer acquisition strategy.  The key advantages to advertisers are the cost efficiency and targeting effectiveness, as many programs use performance-based pricing modes to reduce the advertiser’s cost risk; and the advertisers are able to use the consumer data already collected … Continue Reading »

DMI Cares: The Hole in the Wall Gang Why we love spending time at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp helps bring a summer camp experience for the children, parents & staff at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp was founded in 1988 by Paul Newman to give every child – no matter their illness – the chance to “raise a little … Continue Reading »

Tracking Regulations to Protect Personal Information CA’s new online privacy will require new safety measures – possibly nationwide

The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018, or CCPA, means major changes are coming, and most likely more than to just the Golden State. The new law will compel businesses to disclose information they collect on consumers starting in 2020. It will also give consumers the right to ask companies not to sell their personal … Continue Reading »

Spotlight: Moonstone Preschool Web Design How creative collaboration lead to a great virtual experience

Check out this pro bono project where we wanted to represent the personality of a beloved Philadelphia institution through playful and forward-thinking web design. The non-profit Moonstone Preschool has an arts-driven education model and wanted to showcase that creative identity with an updated website design. DMi Partners used sketches and watercolors from Moonstone students as … Continue Reading »

E-commerce Marketing with Magento’s Latest Keeping current with updates for e-commerce, the first in a continuing series spotlighting features that catch our attention

Magento 2.2.5 was released last week and along with the usual bug fixes, Magento Shipping received some updates that will help merchants deliver a better fulfillment experience to their customers.  Specifically, batch processing with help merchants be more efficient in their shipping departments and therefore get packages out to customers faster. Additionally, improvements made to … Continue Reading »