Stay Organized this Holiday Season with Our Holiday Promotional Calendar The secret to exceeding your holiday sales goal is staying organized and preparing ahead of time

Ecom Calendar Template

It seems like just yesterday that we were writing about the arrival of fall, the back to school season, and strategies to sell through your summer markdowns. And yet here we are, with November right around the corner, which means another momentous occasion is upon us. No, we don’t mean Thanksgiving, Hanukah, and Christmas. For ecommerce marketers, all of those wonderful times of celebration are grouped together into a singular “Holiday Season” – a high pressure, high stakes, month-long stretch that serves as a make or break period for annual sales goals all over the internet.

For the prepared and experienced ecommerce marketer, however, this season should indeed be a time of celebration rather than stress. Shoppers have been waiting all year to spend their hard-earned money to treat themselves and their loved ones. It’s your time to shine as deals are announced, conversion rates spike, and goals are exceeded. That is, if you are prepared. At DMi we believe that all of your holiday ecommerce work is done in September and October, and the devil is truly in the details. That is why we encourage our clients to adhere to a detailed holiday promotional calendar. This calendar contains a high level monthly view along with a detailed checklist tab for each major promotion that is planned. For some sites, this may mean a single month-long promotion, while for others it might come down to a series of daily or even hourly deals. No matter how big or small the promotion, making sure every member of an ecommerce operation is aligned in terms of responsibilities, deliverables, and due dates is critical. You only get one “holiday push” each year, so don’t screw it up by being unorganized.

It’s not too late to nail down your plans – download our 2018 Holiday Promotional Calendar, and make it your own by customizing it with your promotions, special deadlines, and additional data fields that are relevant to your business. Don’t wait – the clock is ticking!