Email Marketing


From inbox to bottom line

Email is a great way to develop and maintain a relationship with your customers. It’s also a great way end up in the spam filter, ignored and unloved. The difference – as in all relationships – is how well you listen. As “The Performance Marketing Agency,” DMi Partners listens to you and your customers, providing you performance, accountability, and in the end, cost-effective results for your email marketing efforts.


DMi Partners email campaigns are built on careful listening and customized success metrics. We use everything we've learned about your customers to build highly effective campaigns and then determine success based on your individual business requirements. Email messages are tailored and crafted to reflect your individual message and your brand.

Based on our comprehensive targeting measures, we work in concert with you to identify segments of your customer base. Between message creation and results analysis, we incorporate a combination of art and science to ensure optimal campaign performance.


As with any marketing campaign, vigorous testing is vital to the success of email marketing. We test every aspect of the campaign, from delivery to conversion, including:

  • Message rendering
  • Deliverability by ISP
  • Subject line effectiveness
  • Code strength, click-thru
  • Landing page performance
  • On-site conversion


DMi Partners then takes your test results and refines, re-tests, and fine-tunes your messaging to ensure optimal response from your target customer segments, throughout the entire lifetime of your email campaign.

At DMi Partners, we build irresistible email messages, targeted at specific customer segments, proven through testing. We track responses, examine results, and polish each campaign to generate even more astounding results the next time you send out your email message.