Rebecca Donahue

Rebecca Donahue

What does DMi’s culture meant to you?

DMi’s culture is one of the biggest reasons why I love my job. Since my first day at DMi, everyone on the team has been so welcoming and willing to help. DMi puts a lot on emphasis on their employees personal and profession growth. All employees are given two volunteer days which allow you to get involved with the Philadelphia community, managers are always accessible and focused on the development and happiness of their teams, and opportunities for growth are endless.

DMi’s culture allows me to challenge myself every day. I am always learning something new and being challenged to work hard and be a team player. The skills, knowledge and relationships that I have obtained by working at DMi will help me in all of my future endeavors both personally and professionally.

What is a typical day like in your role?

In the account manager position I am responsible for maintaining a relationship with the client through all aspects of the campaign life cycle: launch, testing, scalability, optimization and growth. I work as the liaison between the client and the DMi team. As an account manager, I spend a lot of my day communicating with clients whether it is on the phone or via email. I look for opportunities to increase the profitability or performance of a campaign through reporting. In a typical day, I attend one or two meetings to discuss specific campaigns and get feedback from my team.

How well do you think DMi promotes work/life balance?

DMi does a great job of promoting a work/life balance. Employees are encouraged to use perks such as volunteer days and discounted gym memberships. At DMi, I have ample time to succeed at my job as well as pursue other aspects of my life whether they are family related or personal interests. DMi’s work/life balance has created a happy and productive work environment that allows each employee to be successful.

How does DMi’s mission correlate to your overall career goals?

DMi correlates to my overall career goals because I am always learning something new and being pushed to work hard and be my best self. At DMi, there is always an opportunity for growth and hard work never goes unnoticed. I have learned so much about marketing and business since my first day and I know that the knowledge and skills that I have gained from working at DMi will continue to help me reach my overall career goals.

Do you have any advice you’d like to give future DMi employees?

The first piece of advice that I would give to a future DMi team member would be to advocate for yourself. If you don’t understand something, if you want to know more about something, if you have an idea- say something. DMi’s size allows individuals to stand out and I think that the best way the people stand out is by advocating for themselves.

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