We’ll Find a Way to Kickstart Your Subscribers

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We work every day at DMi Partners to  get the most value out of every single visitor to our clients’ websites.

We set out to do that in early 2018 when we began testing new email signup lightboxes on Mitchell & Ness’ homepage. The effect was nearly immediate – we witnessed our email opt-in rate for new visitors nearly double in the first month of our test. After running our test and finding a winner, our final opt-in rate increased over 140% from our control signup rate prior to the test.

The effectiveness of a simple and prominent email opt-in is no secret to marketers. Faced with a stagnant email database, Mitchell & Ness turned to us for a better way to gain new email subscribers. Kevin Dugan, our VP of Agency Services, was intrigued by the challenge and quickly jumped in with the client, making their new strategy and success his personal goal. After getting multiple concepts from the creative and UX teams which considered the design, call-to-action, and incentive that would be most appealing to the target audience, we decided to test the performance of two new contenders against the stale existing version as the control.

The Experiment

The first new popup option was a simplistic design, seen below as Subject A, and used a text-only pop-up that invited users to subscribe and offered a 10% discount reward to every new subscriber. The second option, seen below as Subject B, was a more flashy version that used the same offer and basic content, but added a color logo and a gif that provided a sneak peek of Mitchell & Ness’ email content.

Newsletter signup popup examples for Mitchell and Ness


We tested the graphics above for three weeks and the response to both was immediate.

The Results

Opt in Rate graph


During the test, the team saw a 94% improvement in opt-in rates over the control. Starting in month 5, Kevin implemented the higher-performing design, the more simplistic version, and watched as subscriptions continued to roll in. By the end of the project, Kevin and his team were able to present a 140% improvement in email signup rate from the baseline, a success that continues to hold several months after its completion.

While more than doubling the signup rate is nice in the short term, the compounding growth is where you really see the impact of a small change like this. A list starting at 50k subscribers that gets on a 140% growth rate will be at 120k after 1 year, 288k after 2 years, and 691k after 3 years – that’s more than 13x growth from the original, all from a minor change like optimizing your email signup process. The change you need may already be at your fingertips, so use our story to inspire your own success.

We’ll be the first to concede that while we’ve worked this format as well as anyone, we certainly didn’t invent it. There’s been massive success of Optinmonster, an app by which industry front runners Social Media Examiner have managed to garner 250,000 new email subscribers in a short amount of time.

When growing your email database, the subscription box on your website is one of the most powerful tools you can leverage. Just switching from a sidebar subscription box to an opt-in pop-up option, for example, can increase your subscribers by thousands – a significant result for any company.

Get in touch with Vice President of Agency Services Kevin Dugan to learn more how he and the team can get results that exceed your expectations by personally and strategically working with each client to execute on as much value added as possible.