How to Find the Right OPM Growing your Affiliate Program with an Outsourced Program Management Service

What Is an OPM?

What is an OPM?

Affiliate OPMs help advertisers optimize and increase the output of their affiliate programs. Affiliate OPMs provide value by:

  • Recruiting, contracting, and onboarding new publishers (affiliates) to help your brand gain more exposure
  • Having premium relationships with publishers (affiliates) to ensure that your product is prioritized for placements and promotions
  • Conducting compliance checks to ensure publishers (affiliates) are following brand and affiliate guidelines
  • Conducting in-depth competitive analyses to determine the best positioning and structure for your brand
  • Developing a comprehensive strategy for success
  • Executing the day to day operations of an affiliate program
  • Communicating updates, opportunities, challenges, reporting and optimizations to both publishers (affiliates) and your team
  • Attending  and representing your brand at industry-related conferences to help your brand remain relevant in the space

Why would your company hire an OPM?

You are not seeing growth from your current affiliate program

If your program has become stagnant and your goals are not being met, an affiliate OPM can help. Your affiliate OPM should conduct a competitive analysis, program audit, gap assessment and provide strategy recommendations to devise a roadmap for advancement.

You do not have the bandwidth to manage an affiliate program

Advertisers need to be able to invest time in growing their programs. From recruitment to onboarding to reporting to placement procurements – affiliate management can quickly take up an immense amount of time. An affiliate OPM will spend their day managing your program so you don’t have to.

You’d like to get an agency perspective on your affiliate program

Your OPM agency should have a broader scope of specialized skills and be able to give you perspective on how affiliate marketing can help fuel your other marketing initiatives.  Insights on SEO strategies, partnering with influencers, and e-commerce recommendations should be tactics your OPM can provide direction on. OPMs should see the bigger picture in helping to develop an all-inclusive strategy.

How can you determine if an OPM is right for you?

Previous Experience

Your OPM should have a history in the affiliate space and be able to demonstrate knowledge of affiliate networks, affiliate technology and tools, and vertical-specific publishers.

Publisher Partnerships

From conference attendance to publisher road trips – it takes years to build relationships with affiliates. Your OPM needs to have consistent and valuable relationships in the space so that they can help your brand get priority for placement opportunities.


Your OPM should be available for you 24/7 and have a dedicated call with you at least weekly. Throughout the week they should be demonstrating their value by providing reporting and recruitment updates.

Creative Thinking & Strategy Roadmap

You want your OPM to provide you examples of out-of-the-box thinking or potential areas of development that may be non-traditional for the affiliate space. The best affiliate programs take an innovative approach and know how to incorporate other tactics to drive sales.

Team of Experts

You want to make sure your agency has enough experienced professionals dedicated to your project. The best teams should include account managers who are responsible for driving the day-to-day success of the program, publisher development managers that communicate daily with your base of publishers, and publisher recruitment specialists who are aggressively tackling the onboarding of new affiliates.

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