Five Steps to a Landing Page that Converts

Your email database fundamentals are sound. You can check off all of the “best practices” boxes.

Gate1 Landing Page
Gate1 Travel Lading Page

However, you have a problem. You are not getting prospects to take that next step. What’s wrong?

Your Landing Page is weak.  

At DMi, we put a lot of effort into the development and optimization of the landing pages our prospects visit because we know that a successful landing page can mean the difference between a lucrative campaign and a poor performing one. A lot goes into our overall strategy to make sure these pages perform, but five crucial steps DMi takes on all landing pages are:

Keep It Simple

Do you want to get your visitor to purchase a product, sign up on the form, click through to another destination or fill out a survey? Then stick to that one specific goal. No matter what that goal is, it is very important not to distract them with any other action. This means not using standard navigation. If there is any leakage you may lose that visitor. Let your logo serve as the only link to your website, and make sure to have it open in a new tab.

The Big Short

The more information that you ask visitors to provide, the less likely they will be to complete a form. Figure out the information you need to make the submission valuable and only ask for that information. Every unnecessary question will reduce the likelihood of a conversion.

Call Me Maybe

  • Enter to Win now
  • Submit Your Entry (Sweepstakes)
  • Start Your Free Trial
  • Reserve Your Seat
  • Download Now

You have probably clicked on the calls-to-action above at some point. A strong CTA can go a long way in getting your visitor to take the next desired step. Your CTA is one of the most important elements on your page. It is, hopefully, the final point of interaction. It is also the last opportunity to convert your visitors. Make it clear, and make it prominent.

Make sure your email message and design matches your landing page’s message and design.  While the text doesn’t need to be the same, the overarching message and ad design should be consistent. There should be no question that the two are connected and part of the same campaign.


The most important thing we do to our landing pages is test them. We use A/B or split testing to test everything from our CTA to colors to language to headlines and everything inbetween. After years of doing this we have built a set of best practices which give us a very successful starting point for all landing pages.  

These are all of the keys that make our landing pages successful and keep our conversion rates high. Make sure to keep them in mind when planning your next campaign. And if you need any help, don’t be shy to reach out.