Do You Have Good Email Hygiene?

If you don’t take care of your personal hygiene, chances are, you stink!  Similarly, if you are not paying attention to the hygiene of your email lists, your email marketing campaigns will stink as well.  Having a tidy database and monitoring its cleanliness often is a must when it comes to effective email campaigns.

DMi is an expert in email marketing and has helped countless clients clean up their databases and run effective email DMi Chalkcampaigns. In order to produce the best results for our clients we follow tried and true steps and help them succeed with a sparkling clean database.  Whether it’s us or our partners acquiring emails through a single-opt in process it’s necessary to do a really deep scrub to get the gunk out of the system, for example remove fake, mistyped and dead email addresses.

  1. Don’t take the easy way out

Ever heard the saying “nothing good comes easy?” Well when it comes to buying email lists, remember that mantra. The slight bumps in performance you may get immediately after your purchase are far outweighed by the cost. Not to mention, these lists are riddled with poor saps whose inboxes are as dirty as a freshman dorm room i.e. even if they were looking for your email, they probably wouldn’t be able to find it. DMi offers 1:1 consumer engagements to help add clarity to growing our clients reach.

  1. The Purge

For the next 24 hours you have unbridled authority to hunt down and destroy all of the weak emails that overpopulate your database. Not only will this process lighten your load, but it will boost your delivery rates. First, if you’re noticing hard bounces that for some reason aren’t being automatically removed, go in and make sure your system starts permanently bouncing them off your list. Next, track down all role-based addresses and terminate them. They have names like admin@, help@, sales@ etc. and are not operated by a single person, and thus will do you no good. DMi’s data hygiene solutions increase the probability of delivery inboxes and in turn grow your CRM.

  1. Let Go

We’ll stop the purge analogy here because these are often real people, but you still have to cut them loose. Non-responders may have really connected with you at some point in the past, but it’s over now. There is always the temptation to believe that the next message you send will do the trick, but the reality is that some people are unreachable and it’s best to move on. So swallow your pride, think of your engagement metrics and end this thing before it gets dirty. A partnership with DMi can fill your heart with new opportunities for connections.

  1. Stay Fresh and Stay Clean

The best way to avoid any messy future break-ups is to confirm subscriptions. If you can fill out your list with those who have a high rate of response, your metrics will improve and that will not only give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside, but also the proper email hygiene needed to run successful email marketing. Need proof? Check out some of the ways DMi has helped clean up their client’s email campaigns.

Is your company looking to effectively utilize email as lead generating tool?  DMi can help!