DMi’s Recipe for Success this Holiday Season

Stuffing. Gravy. Cranberry sauce. Sweet potatoes.

Cornbread. Mac & Cheese. Candied yams. Digital Marketing.

With the holidays right around the corner, we can’t get our favorite sides out of our mind and we definitely can’t wait to get them into our bellies. In our opinion the only things as delicious as holiday side dishes are successful campaigns for our clients.  In the spirit of the holiday and to take our mind off DMis Holiday Recipe
delicious food, we came up with a recipe for digital marketing success.


  • 1 Cup of Listening
  • 4 Tbsp of Data
  • 1 Coating of Transparency
  • 1 Tbsp of Collaboration


Place ingredients in a custom made campaign.  Add in a strong account manager.  Consistently check in while cooking.  Adjust as needed based on constant testing of the recipe. Simmer over the life of the campaign, stir occasionally.

About the Ingredients

1 Cup of Listening

Developing a successful digital marketing strategy requires insight into what your client is looking for and what their goal is. Ask probing questions and listen to the answers. Too often we hear our current clients say that their former agency didn’t spend the time listening to them and presented a cookie cutter campaign that didn’t produce the results they were expecting.  

4 Tbls of Data

Be sure to analyze your results and adapt your campaign. You can use what you learn from successful decisions as well as unsuccessful ones to strengthen your campaign at any stage.  Without data, the campaign is flying blind.

1 Coating of Transparency

Agencies need to be transparent with their clients so they know what the agency is doing and the results they are achieving.  Some agencies do great work without being transparent, but how will you really know.  You are putting your faith in an agency partner and that faith should be rewarded with access to the campaign’s progress and your ROI.

1 Tbsp Collaboration

Your agency should be an extension of your team.  All too frequently agencies are treated as a vendor and many times, this is how the relationship is structured by the agency because they can only deliver very tactical options.  If you have the right agency on your side, they will take a strategic approach to achieve and even surpass the client’s goal.  Your agency should be open to sharing the risks by instituting a performance-based campaign.  That will lead to  shared success.  

If this recipe makes you hungry let us know!