DMi Navigates Retail Acquisition in a Digital World

Don’t be an analog retailer in a digital world!

When moving from analog tactics to a digital strategy retail acquisition can be difficult to navigate.  Both large and small retailers often find themselves conflicted about the direction to take when sourcing new customers and retaining their current ones.  Luckily, DMi Partners is able to work alongside of you to develop solutions that drive both customer acquisition and retention.  We develop highly customized campaigns to build databases of engaged contacts, increase foot traffic and customer loyalty, and drive prospect generation.  These campaigns are built on client specific needs and drive customer interaction.  We consistently create growth strategies that are both cost-effective and scalable.

One of our customers, a large warehouse club, was faced with the issue of not having email addresses, or current email addresses, associated with many of their retail memberships.  This significantly reduced their ability to market new offerings to keep their members engaged.  DMi helped bridge this gap by gathering and collecting a majority of these missing member emails along side of ensuring that the email addresses on file for the memberships were current.  Analog meets digital!  Adding this tactic to their marketing mix opened up another channel for this warehouse club to be able to reach customers.  The outcome was a clean database of contacts for the club which they were able to actively engage and provided the foundation for them to grow their digital activities through email.DMi (7)_fixed-2

The example above shows how an organization can reach current customers.  Marketing to potential customers is much different.  Different strategies are utilized to target and present an offer.  Offering incentives on future purchases is one way to target your current customer base, especially if they are repeat customers.  However,  in order to source new customers, you will need to get your brand in front of the right prospects.  For this reason, one of the many specialities of DMi Partners is getting rewards programs in front of your current customers and getting your brand in front of the right prospects through tactics such as email marketing and surveys.

Sweepstakes are also a popular way to attract new customers.  They tend to drive current customers and prospects right where they should be: at your doorstep.  Offers like free gas for a year are pretty hard to turn down and get attention quickly.  At DMi, we find that people are more willing to provide their contact information when being offered something in return, which opens up different channels of marketing.   Even if the customer does not win, a high value byproduct of the sweepstakes is an increase in brand recognition for new customers while at the same time driving existing customers back, in hopes of having a better chance of winning.

Additionally, sweepstakes tend to have very high clickthrough rates, which is a win for everyone, and many sweepstakes are shared over social media, spreading your message to an even larger audience for no additional cost.

Knowing how to engage your customer, understanding their preferences, and their buying habits is extremely important to your marketing strategy; however, there is no one size fits all approach that can be taken as there are intrinsic differences between current customer and potential customers.  DMi understands these differences and this is the reason why many of our large customers find value working with us. It is very important to pay attention to how you engage each group that you market toward, as current customers respond differently than potential customers.  Many of our large retail customers benefit from DMi’s knowledge of customer acquisition and work with us to improve the way they are approaching it.

This includes the nuances such as removing inactive email addresses from databases across the board.  Addressing this and other factors that cause email deliverability issues is imperative to a campaign’s success.

We make these often overlooked aspects of a campaign easy for our clients.  The more of the tactical burden we are able to absorb from our clients, the more bandwidth they have to do what they do best.

We take acquisition off their plate.  These are just the tip of the iceberg, as DMi is able to create a custom plan to fit each client’s particular needs.

What are your particular needs?