DMi Hits The Road

Dmi Visits ClientsChicago, Atlanta, and Miami are just three of the ten cities DMi will be visiting this month.

To kick off the year members of the DMi team travel the nation to visit clients and make game plan for the upcoming year. To hit a goal… you must set it first!

Reply All. Integration Call. Screen Share. Video Conference….in this day in age it is easy to be connected but not to connect. We want to dig in and really understand our goals as a partner for 2017, and the best way to do that is face-to-face. So to kick off the year we head out to meet with our partners personally. We’ll review campaign performance, discuss 2017 goals, and brainstorm unique and innovative strategies for the upcoming year.

If your agency isn’t coming out for a personal visit, be sure to set aside time to talk through these topics:

  • Vision and Goals – what you want to accomplish in 2017 and why
  • KPIs – what metrics you want tracked and how you’re defining success
  • Market Trends – what’s changing in your industry and how will it affect your business
  • Strategy – what campaigns worked in 2016, what didn’t, and what’s going to move the needle in 2017
  • Best Practices – what benchmarks should you be striving for and what worked for other business sectors
  • Budget – how much you have to spend on campaigns and testing
  • Roadmap – major product launches, events, or updates planned for the year
  • Team – who from the agency will be working on your campaigns, how can you reach them, and when will you get status updates

Being aligned with your agency is paramount and the start of the new year is the perfect excuse to set aside some time to make sure you’re on the same page. And hey, if you’d rather get a personal visit from your agency instead, give us a call.