DMi Exceeds Expectations with a New Asset for Philly Teachers A look at how DMi quickly delivered a fantastic job board to a happy client

Teach PHL website home page


Here at DMi Partners, we pride ourselves on our client relationships. That’s why it was so rewarding to hear a client share the following thoughs on a recent project: “When I think about the work we did with DMi Partners, two words come to mind: communication and accommodation.” These thoughts where shared by David Saenz, Manager of Public Affairs at Philadelphia School Partnership (PSP). He went on to say that “DMi responded to my questions faster, and communicated with me more, than any other company I have worked with before.”

PSP had observed a lack of resources for teachers and school employees find open positions. In order to fill that void, PSP came up with the idea for a website that would list available positions at schools around Philadelphia. The site is titled TeachPHL and provides educators a valuable tool to find the roles they want. As David Saenz puts it, “When we started building the website, we really just had an idea, and needed DMi to bring that idea to life. Not only did DMi’s creation exceed our expectations, but they were very accommodating to our deliberative approach. We wanted to create a revolutionary website better than any others out there in the educational world, and that’s exactly what DMi did.” To help PSP realize their vision, we clearly defined three goals for the website:

  1. Offer a simple, comprehensive way to find open teaching jobs in Philadelphia.
  2. Create a straightforward, user-friendly database of certification, career preparation, and other education-based opportunities in the city.
  3. Entice educators to come to the Philadelphia area to teach.

For the first two goals, we focused on creating a an experience that’s intuitive and simple. We wanted to give the user the answers they’re searching for in just one or two clicks. We built two databases, one for jobs and one for opportunities, that uses filters and interactive maps to quickly direct educators to the exact results they want.

For the third goal, we developed a site that would let the city speak for itself. We Philadelphians are passionate about our community, so we focused on promoting the benefits of working and living in Philly. Our design team also worked with PSP to create a logo that blends the young, vibrant feel of this organization with its future-focused mission. By implementing bright colors and a modern feel, we created a teaching resource that shows Philadelphia’s potential. “We wanted the brand to be bright, fun, modern and add vibrancy to the page,” David Lachowicz, our Creative Director, says. “We aimed to be approachable and friendly, but not to the extent that the resource loses authority… And I love the subtle nod to the classroom in the logo.”

TeachPHL Logo

While recruiting educational institutions to buy into TeachPHL, the site was the main selling point. PSP has brought several local schools, universities, private educational organizations, school boards, and members of local government on board to feature jobs and programs on the website. These partners were all very impressed with the TeachPHL website and noted it as the reason for joining.


From the beginning, TeachPHL was specifically designed for our community and the people who call Philly their home. We are beyond proud of our work, turnaround time, and result, but more than anything, we’re proud to do what we can to make Philadelphia a better place for teachers and students, both now and in the future.