Palm Up? Palm Out? Palm High!

Agency/Client relationships take different forms.  Do any of these sound familiar? Your agency approaches you with an open hand that is regularly asking for a raise. Your agency provides adequate services and end meetings with civil handshakes all around. Or does your agency consistently celebrating wins together with high-fives?   We hope your current agency … Continue Reading »

Nonprofit Organizations Turn to DMi to Grow Membership & Donations

For nonprofit organizations, digital advertising is an increasingly important tool for acquisition, conversion, and retention and DMi Partners is excited to collaborate with many nonprofits to help them exceed their goals.  In fact, online revenue grew 19 percent from 2014 to 2015 and that will increase dramatically in 2016.   When working with nonprofits we … Continue Reading »

We’re the Customer and Marketing Partner: Why We Love Rocksbox

Have you ever heard of Rocksbox? If not, you need to keep reading! Rocksbox is a jewelry rental service that helps you accessorize with the latest jewelry styles for just $19 a month. They carry pieces from nearly 30 fashion jewelry designers, and have a network of stylists that hand-pick jewels for each member. DMi is driving qualified … Continue Reading »

DMi Partners, Magento, Rackspace and Mitchell & Ness?

James Delaney, our Founder & COO, along with Kevin Dugan, Director of Client Services and DMi customer Jonathan Yuska, Head of Mitchell & Ness, the Philadelphia throwback sports apparel company talk about how the agency, hosting provider, customer relationship works while deploying a Magento ecommerce platform on Rackspace Managed Cloud. “One of the things that … Continue Reading »