Alli Heafner

Alli Heafner

Client Account Manager

What does DMi’s culture meant to you?

DMi’s culture is foremost one of positivity and collaboration. Employees have a wide support network and are encouraged to bond through team outings and volunteer events. Company values and goals are clearly articulated and everyone is given the opportunity and tools to make an impact. The open office layout also cultivates a really fun and engaging work space.

What is a typical day like in your role?

After getting properly caffeinated and catching up with co-workers, tackling my inbox and ensuring there are no outstanding client or internal requests. Throughout the day I work on various client facing projects, keep a close eye on advertiser performance, and strategize ways to work with our affiliate management team to further grow our OPM accounts. The best part of my week is sharing those wins during client calls and team meetings.

How well do you think DMi promotes work/life balance?

Physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing are prioritized here as evidenced by the excellent health benefits and generous PTO policy. Almost everyone keeps active with the deeply discounted gym memberships and management is always encouraging employees to use their volunteer days to give back to the community. I feel that my time outside of the office is respected and when I am here DMi goes out of their way to create a happy, healthy environment with endless snacks, awesome catered lunches, and weekly team building activities.

How does DMi’s mission correlate to your overall career goals?

In their dedication to fostering a strong, innovative marketing team, DMi exceeds my desire to be consistently challenged in the workplace. I feel fortunate to work alongside so many driven, intelligent colleagues in a fast paced setting where every day I learn something new. As a highly results oriented agency, it’s very rewarding to have both my personal contributions and our team efforts frequently lauded. DMi pushes me to think harder and work smarter and I’m confident my experience here will lead to great things.

Do you have any advice you’d like to give future DMi employees?

Don’t ever be afraid to ask questions or share your thoughts and opinions. DMiers are an incredibly bright and friendly bunch who want to see you succeed.

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