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How do you measure the success of your current affiliate program?

What is your current monthly affiliate revenue?

What percentage of your total sales does your affiliate program make up?

What percentage of your program sales do your top 5 affiliates make up?

Does your affiliate manager / agency dedicate time each day to the recruitment of new affiliates?

Are you satisfied with the mix of affiliate types you have promoting your offer? (Coupon, Loyalty, Content, Mobile, Social, Search)

Does your program have a dedicated affiliate information page, with an affiliate program signup link on your website?

How often do you send communication to all affiliates regarding campaign promotions and updates?

Are you looking at attribution and performance across all affiliate types and implementing the appropriate commission structure based on their return on investment?

Are you actively changing payout rates based off of the determined value of each affiliate?

Are you providing incentives to affiliates to motivate them to prioritize your offer?

How often are your banners and content offerings updated?

Do you use a fraud detection monitor to mitigate fraudulent traffic?

Has your company implemented a blacklist?

Do you manually approve affiliate applications?

If so, what is the ratio of applicants received versus approved?

How many inactive affiliates do you have? What is your company currently doing to reactive affiliates?

What are you most interested in in regards to affiliate management?

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