Beth Harless

Beth Harless

Beth Harless

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

As VP of Sales and Marketing, Beth oversees the day-to-day operations of the sales department, establishes sales goals, and develops strategic sales plans that drive growth and long-term value for our clients. Since joining DMi in 2010, Beth and her team have cultivated unprecedented growth in the number of clients on DMi’s roster as well as increased returns year after year.

She works closely with brands and advertisers to develop cross-channel marketing strategies that achieve annual sales goals and revenue-increasing objectives while also improving profitability. She works day in and day out to build and maintain a high-performance employee roster through understanding team competencies, which in turn cultivates an employee-owned culture.

Beth graduated from The University of Central Florida where she was a member of the Division 1 soccer program. Prior to joining DMi, Beth, Dwight Howard and Jameer Nelson teamed up to put butts in the seats through a superior product and even better sales team at the Orlando Magic.

Beth spends her free time reliving her glory days playing in co-ed sports leagues (futbol and football) and volunteering with youth teams. When she takes off her spikes, you can find her frequenting Philadelphia’s best establishments, local parks, music venues and speeding down the city’s bike lanes. Beth currently lives in South Philly with Maurice, her dog trapped in a cat’s body and Finn, her cat trapped in a dog’s body.

Beth Volunteer’s at Penn’s Village, The Attic, and Irish Pub’s Tour de Shore.

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